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  • Zhongtang Tianan Dig

    Project details:Attribute: R&D, office, leisure and business parks Address: Chajiao Industrial Park, Zhongtang Town ● Building area: 440000 square meters ● Building height: 95.53m
  • Dongguan Vocational

    Project details:Attribute: Teaching Building Address: Songshan Lake High tech Industrial Development Zone, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province ● Building area: 339200 square meters ● Building height: 33.25m
  • Dongguan factory are

    Project details:Properties: self use factory buildings, talent apartments Address: Hongmei, Dongguan City ● Building area: 189000 square meters ● Building height: 68.9m
  • Dongguan Huimei Tian

    Project details:Property: Hotel Address: Changping, Dongguan City ● Building area: 98500 square meters ● Building height: 99.9m ● Industry characteristics: tourism, catering services
  • Tian'an Deep Creatio

    Project details:Property: Industrial factory buildings, research buildings, and supporting buildings Address: Fenggang, Dongguan ● Building area: 945000 square meters ● Building height: 148.9m
  • Shenzhen Evergrande

    Project details:Property: Commercial and residential buildings Address: Luohu District, Shenzhen ● Building area: 110000 square meters ● Building height: 175m (super high-rise building)
JD Wisdom Valley
JD Wisdom Valley
VIVO plant 2 and war
VIVO plant 2 and war
Huawei Songshan Lake
Huawei Songshan Lake
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Design and construction integration of fire protection engineering

Engaged in fire protection engineering design, construction, repair and maintenance, more than ten years of thread construction experience
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